1921 Saw The First Car Produced Independently By Maybach Motorenbau. A Variety Of Technical Intricacies (Among Which The First Four-Wheel Brake System) Were Installed That Made It Not Only More Comfortable And Safer To Drive But Also Resulted In Increased Performance. It Was The Starting Point For Many Cars That Combined High Performance With User-Friendly Features For The Driver. Maybach Motorenbau (‘Maybach Engine Works’) Only Provided The Chassis With The Engine – This Led To A Variety Of Different Designs As The Body Work Was Done According To The Customers Wishes. The Peak Of The Cars Built By Maybach Were The Twelve-Cylinder Variants Which Were A First In Germany. The Last Model Of This Vehicle, That Was To Become A Symbol Of Luxury, Was The Zeppelin DS 8 (DS Short For Double Six). Its Eight-Liter Engine With 200 Hp Managed To Propel The Vehicle, Which Could Weigh Up To Three Tons With The Body Included, To 160 Km/H. Though Its Engine Is Constructively Not Directly Related To The Ones Used In Airships, The Name Designates Where Maybach Engine Works Had Earned Its Reputation – The Airships And Planes Conceptualized By Count Zeppelin.

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