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    The Maybach Foundation at the World Family Office Forum in Montreux, Switzerland

    ūüĒĒ‚ě°We are thrilled to share that¬†Uli Maybach¬†Founder¬†&¬†President of the¬†Maybach Foundation¬†joined the keynote opening panel at the World Family Office Forum in Montreux, Switzerland on June¬†3rd. ūüí°ūüĎŹThe panel titled ¬ę¬†Legacy¬†&¬†Leadership¬†: Navigating the Nuances of Family Business in Modern Times¬†¬Ľ was an engaging and inspiring session including the lively, interactive Q&A round. Uli Maybach provided insights about […]

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    Maybach Powered Boat that made its way back to Friedrichshafen

    Today, we want to share a¬†historical Maybach Powered boat with you, that has an interesting story. Not only that, it recently made its way back to Friedrichshafen where it was made and used for a¬†very specific purpose. Due to the versatility of products and technologies that were needed for the airships which Count Zeppelin had […]

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    Wilhelm Maybach Shaping the Modern Automobile and Making a Racing Enthusiast’s Dream Come True

    The so-called Belle Epoque between 1880 and the outbreak of¬†WWI¬†was a¬†period of prosperity that had not been paralleled before. It created a¬†proactive climate in which new technologies and trends concurred. A¬†person that was to make himself a¬†name in that time was Emil Jellinek. Born in 1853¬†in Vienna, Austria he made his fortune as a¬†businessman and […]

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    Maybach Engines For Commercial Vehicles

    The six- and twelve-cylinder automotive engines developed by Maybach Motorenbau from 1922 onwards were ideally suited for installation in commercial vehicles due to their highly efficient, reliable and low-vibration running performance. Equipped with Maybach transmissions, the Maybach type ‚ÄúW 5‚ÄĚ engine, for example, was widely used as a revised type ‚ÄúOS 5‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúOS 6‚ÄĚ and […]

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    The Influence of Maybach in Yacht-Sport and Racing

    Working as Gottlieb Daimler’s chief constructor at the Deutz gas engine factory in Cologne, Wilhelm Maybach contributed to the international success of the so-called Otto-Engine by redesigning it in 1873. The congenial Daimler-Maybach duo became independent in Cannstatt in 1882. In a greenhouse building, Maybach constructed the first high-speed single-cylinder four-stroke engine, the so-called “Standuhr” […]

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    High-Performance Maybach Locomotive-Engines ‚Äď An International Export Hit Made In Friedrichshafen

    In 1909, Wilhelm Maybach and Graf von Zeppelin founded the Luftfahrzeug-Motorenbau GmbH in Bissingen. His son, Karl Maybach took over the management and technical management of the young company, which moved to Friedrichshafen in 1912. In the years that followed, a world-class company was created thanks to Karl Maybach’s designs: Maybach-Motorenbau. At the time, steam […]

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    1924: The Maybach Wagon Adventure to Italy – A photo documentation by Karl August Kroth

    As the summer vacation season 2022 winds down, some of you surely went to your vacation destination by automobile in a comfortable way and on well-built roads. Maybe even to Italy, one of the prime vacation destinations for many people. But how strenuous was such a journey by automobile in the 1920s, when mobility was […]

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    Promoting Mentoring and Giving Back: Private Maybach Foundation Luncheon at The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

    Promoting Mentoring and Giving Back: Private Maybach Foundation Luncheon at The Pebble Beach Concours d‚ÄôElegance ¬† San Francisco, CA. The Maybach Foundation, in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz and the Maybach brand, is proud to announce the hosting of a Private Luncheon at this year‚Äôs prestigious Concours d‚ÄôElegance event at Pebble Beach, California. This intimate, invitation-only gathering, […]

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    Maybach Exhibition Booth at Motorworld Classics Bodensee (Lake Constance) 2022

    Maybach Exhibition Booth at Motorworld Classics Bodensee (Lake Constance) 2022 More than 30,000 classic car fans visited the Motorworld Classics Bodensee trade show in Friedrichshafen from May 06 to 08. This year’s key theme of the show was “100 Years of Maybach Automobiles”. The highlight was the exhibition booth of the Wilhelm and Karl Maybach […]

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    The Next Century

    The Next Century Original: Wallpaper – The Next Century Im Jahr 1921 begannen Wilhelm Maybach und Karl Maybach, Vater und Sohn, ihre Karriere als Automobilbauer. Seitdem ist der Luxuswagen mit dem Doppel-M-Logo fuŐąr seine Kombination aus Komfort, Handwerkskunst und technischer Innovation bekannt. Heute ist Mercedes-Maybach nicht nur in der Automobilbranche bekannt, sondern steht branchen- und […]