The High-Performance Engines Built By Maybach Motorenbau Were Used In Airships, Cars, And Trains Before WW II And Were Renowned World-Wide For Their Endurance And Quality. This Reputation Also Led To An Ambivalent Order As Maybach Engine Works Became The Essential Supplier For Propulsion Systems That Were Used In Track Drive Vehicles Used By The German Army. Engines And Gears Were Manufactured At Maybach In Friedrichshafen And Through Maybach Licenses At Other Companies. The War Years Became A Dark Chapter In The History Of Maybach Engine Works As Forced Laborers Were Working In Production At Different Locations. Among The Tanks Powered By A Maybach Engine Also Was The ‘Panther’ Which Used A HL 230 Engine That Delivered 600 Hp. It Was A Very Compact Engine That Made Use Of A Tunnel Crankshaft That Also Became An Essential Feature Of Engines For Civil Applications After The War.

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