Here’s What Makes A Mercedes Maybach Worth $65,000 More Than An S-Class

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is one of the most important cars Mercedes-Benz makes. Being the flagship of Mercedes’s lineup, it cannot be anything short of excellent. With the most recent W222 generation, Mercedes knocked it out of the park. The new S-Class is spacious, luxurious, well-appointed, quiet, and it drips with presence. Mainly, the new S-Class is a near-perfect vehicle, so what makes a Maybach S-Class worth $65,000 more than a standard S-Class?

The discerning Maybach consumer demands the height of luxury, whether they choose to drive their Maybach or whether they choose to be chauffeured. For those who prefer being driven, Maybach has extended both the wheelbase and length of the S-Class by nearly 10 inches to afford interior occupants more passenger space. This increase in size also amounts to an increase in the vehicle’s physical presence. The extra length of the Maybach makes it a sleeker and more recognizable design. No one’s bound to mistake the Maybach for a standard S-Class. Its length is a helpful indicator that this car is something very special: a Maybach.

(Photo: Daimler AG)

Speaking of styling indicators, there’s a lot more than differentiates a Maybach than just the length. Noticeable is the unique chrome treatment of the front bumper and the Maybach emblem on the C-pillar. A Mercedes-Maybach also features a chrome b-pillar, which serves as a visual cue separating the driver and passenger compartment of the vehicle. One may also notice the Maybachs unique grille as compared to the standard S-Class. It’s a pinstriped design first premiered on the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 in 2016 and is inspired by the pinstriping found on high-end suits.

If you feel the Maybach S560 still looks a little too close to the normal Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes offers options to make your Maybach even more distinctive. On the wheel front, there are three Maybach exclusive designs, including a historical monoblock style wheel. For those who’d like to set themselves apart, even more, Mercedes also offers exclusive two-tone paint options in historical color samples. Two-tone Maybachs may draw a comparison to the optional two-tone paint featured on the Maybach 57s and 62s of the previous decade, though don’t let that fool you into thinking two-tone paint is dated. Mercedes has modernized two-tone paint with nine two-tone options available, ranging from subtle grey and black combinations to striking green and beige combos.

Of course, the hallmark of a true Maybach is an interior that is less of a cabin and more of a sanctuary. The Maybach S-Class comes standard with beautiful quilted elements. While you can find quilted seats in some Kia’s today, Maybach ups the ante with quilted seats, a quilted dashboard panel, partially quilted roof insert, and optional quilted center console panels, and more. In other words, Maybach allows you to quilt pretty much everything.

(Photo: Daimler AG)

Spring for the Executive Rear Seat Package Plus and you get first-class airplane-style table trays alongside heated and cooled cup holders. You can also option a refrigerated box and Maybach exclusive champagne flutes. The optional champagne flutes are just as exclusive as the Maybach they are designed for. Made for Maybach by ‘Robbe & Berking’, they are cast in 925 sterling silver and are designed to snap into any Maybachs rear cupholders. They are also a perfect complement to whichever Maybach they reside in.

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